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Our firm story

We started the company to create software products and to offer software services. And we have done that successfully for the last 15 years. Typically, our success would be attributed to the founders. However, in our case, our success is attributed to the team, to each of us. Each of us is somehow involved in one of our business processes; each contributes to our and our clients' projects' success.
Ten years ago, when we opened the office in the USA, the company turned more to creating software products and helping in maintaining the products. We became more attached to our client's needs and success, which allowed us to grow financially and professionally.
We love seeing some staff members being with us for more than ten years; we welcome those aspiring to join the team.

From the pencil to the keyboard
Firm story
Once you get started, don't stop.
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How we started

After many years of creating the same software products for several clients, we have decided to make one product that will fit all. Easy to say, complicated to execute it.

We have brought together a group of smarties and worked on the startup idea ourselves. It took us a few good years until we had a CMS system, 100% original code and ideas. Later on, the platform become a CRM that we currently sell it.

From there on, we become more involved in helping other companies on designing, developing, and managing their own digital software products.

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Our impact in numbers

We are some awesome brains, some more awesome than others.
We work with a sister company, at Up2Date©, specializing in mobile development only with more awesome devs.
We have a few engineers that keep our servers and eventually yours safe; operating under the CodePunker© brand.
And we subcontract design work to local and overseas partners, depending on your needs (web, mobile, graphic, etc.).

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