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We design, develop, and maintain digital products from conception to delivery and after.
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How many years of experience do your firm has?

15+ years of experience. We started the company in 2005, working for companies in the US and Europe. Later on, we created our software (CMS, CRM, Online Scheduling Software). We are currently expanding our projects and working on custom software and all mobile development.

How big is your team?

Two project managers. One public relation. Eight software engineers. Two designers. Four native app developers. Two security experts.  Four testers.

What technology skills do your team masters?

Cybersecurity. Cloud Computing.
DevOps. Development Software and Apps.
Docker. JavaScript.CSS. APIs. Security. ReactJS.
Java. PHP. Swift. Security

Does your firm have a project minimum?

We accept projects with a minimum of 80 hours of work between security, servers, development, and management.